Become one of our Drivers

Autamarocchi is one of the best opportunities you can find, because:

  • We are a solid, serious company with 36 years of history.
  • Salaries are attractive and reward your desire to travel.
  • We are a company that respects the laws and puts safety first.
  • We have a modern and efficient fleet with technical assistance that always follows you.
  • We offer ongoing training to develop your professionalism.
  • We have a network of secure parking equipped with all services.
  • You will have dedicated people who will follow you.
90% of our drivers return home at the end of the day.

Online Training Courses. You will always be up to date with the latest novelties.

You can travel abroad and have the opportunity to see many different places.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Possibility of base parking in many locations, specialization in transport through training in Autamarocchi Academy with dedicated training instructors who will take care of you. Join our Driver’s Team and you will stand out on all roads.

Are you an owner operator or do you have your own fleet?