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Technical Department

Our maintenance teams bring the mechanical, technical and management expertise that keeps our trucks and trailers efficiently and safely on the road. Technicians who plan maintenance activities, assist the fleet on the road, define the activities of our truck workshops and those of external companies, have important skills and work in harmony with the Mechatronics transport operating departments, which carry out maintenance and repair activities supported by teams of operators who manage the availability of spare parts.

Our mechanics and technicians assist a modern fleet, working with high-tech tools and diagnostic systems. We offer to young people opportunities for their first job associated with expert career paths at our corporate headquarter and our (truck) workshops in Trieste, Padua and Tortona (Alessandria).

Technicians & Mechatronics

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Your dedication and commitment will give you the opportunity to grow professionally and have excellent career opportunities.

Online Training Courses. You will always be up to date with the latest novelties.

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The opportunities are numerous and they are constantly evolving, including access to education and ongoing training for professional and leadership growth. What do we ask for? Dedication and commitment. What do we offer? Possibility of promotion and career opportunities. If you want to be among the protagonists of our success, send us your CV.

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