Customer Experience

Customer Experience manages the daily interactions with our customers, offering solutions to their needs by communicating with our internal operational teams who carry out the service. Customer Experience Professionals are the face of our business and help us achieve our business goals.

Customer Experience offers rewarding career paths that will deepen your knowledge of our industry and enhance your customer relationship development skills. Find out more about the exciting career paths at our headquarter.

Why work at Autamarocchi?

Your dedication and commitment will give you the opportunity to grow professionally and have excellent career opportunities. 

Online Training Courses. You will always be up to date with the latest novelties.

Flexibility in working hours.

You will always be heard and can contribute with new ideas.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

The opportunities are many and constantly evolving, including access to education and ongoing training for professional and leadership growth. What do we ask? Dedication and commitment. What do we offer? Possibility of promotion and career opportunities. If you want to be among the protagonists of our success, send us your CV. 

We are always looking for professionals. 

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