Sales Department

Our Sales Managers are the strategic point of contact between our customers and the internal organization of Autamarocchi. In this role, Sales Managers are the protagonists of the success of our commercial development initiatives, they assume the ownership of an account and cultivate the relationship with the customer.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience manages the daily interactions with our customers, offering solutions to their needs by communicating with our internal operational teams who carry out the service. Customer Experience Professionals are the face of our business and help us achieve our business goals.


Brokerage connects our external transport partners with the services required by our customers to meet the ever-changing transport needs in a new and innovative way. With our partners we serve our customers better and expand our service capacity to unusual destinations but also to cover the “peak seasons”.

Transport Operation

The people on the “Transportation Operations Team” are essential to keep the wheels of our business turning. This is the team that makes the most out of all the transport specializations in our fleet. 

Corporate Service

Accounting and administration, safety and quality, relations with drivers, human resources management, fleet management – each professionalism is essential for a large company like Autamarocchi.

IT — Information Technology

Think big! From the analysis of processes to the application of the most innovative technologies to meet the needs of a company born innovative and that runs as a protagonist towards the future.