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At Autamarocchi, we optimize vehicle movements to minimize empty runs and ensure the continuity of productive trips.

Are you an owner operator?

No one can manage your vehicle and punctuality better than you. We take care of everything else. You no longer have to chase customers, transport orders and payments.

Do you have your own fleet?

Put your fleet to good use and you will always be able to see your business running smoothly from your vehicle or office.

We are a reliable point of reference for our customers and the entire supply chain.

Thanks to our experience in the transport sector in Italy and Europe, we are the right partner for your new projects. We extend our transport potential through a network of partners throughout Europe and also in Greece and Turkey.

The advantages

When we create a partnership, we want to be sure that we share all our values with our partners, to forge solid and lasting ties that allow us to maintain and guarantee high standards of quality and reliability to our customers.

Special prices and conditions
in the purchase of fuels and urea

Documentation and travel instructions
directly on your smartphone

Technical assistance on the road H24

Dedicated App to keep in touch with the operations center

Let’s explore the solutions for our Partners together?

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dedicated to the Vectors.

Through our Apps you will always be in contact with us. You will be able to find the trips you need, receive transport orders and any other necessary information directly on your vehicle or in your back office. In Autamarocchi your business will find new opportunities and you will always have everything under control.

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